Heirlooms Marketing Limited


Founded: 2002

Owner: Laurie Gorham


Areas of expertise:  estate sales, antiques dealer,  antique appraisals for resale, transition management, and downsizing, 

Friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.

Heirlooms Marketing Ltd.

The setting up, showcasing, and conducting of my sale were absolutely fabulous!  

Edith D.

Company Profile

Heirlooms Marketing can advise clients on strategies to adjust to moving, down-sizing, or re-locating.

I admired and appreciated your professionalism.  You showed genuine compassion and respect for my Mom's "treasures".   

Mary Anne H.

What Clients Say About Us

​Laurie took charge from day one, but was also very open to our wishes and sensitivities.  The financial result was much better than we had hoped for.  

Manfred and Lore R.

Your hard work made our downsizing easy. You and your team took care of all aspects of our estate sale: research, knowledge, cleaning, staging, website, and sale.  You took care of everything!  

Dave and Nancy M.

​​​From the time you sign our contract, we begin to work with you. We use our network of dealers to consult with and assure solid pricing.  We clean, stage, and price everything in your home. We provide our own tables, tablecloths, and other equipment to beautifully display your belongings.  We advertise the estate sale with a gallery on our website, provide Google Maps to the location, and upload photo galleries that are shared with our community prior to the sale. We also purchase newspaper ads, and post street-level signage to make the entire estate sale run as smoothly as possible from start to finish.

I became interested in antiques over 40 years ago when my husband, Rob and I inherited family heirlooms.  I started participating in craft shows throughout the midwest where I used only antique and vintage materials to create custom designs.  My passion for buying, selling, and collecting antiques continues. 

Downsizing and the estate sale - Where do you begin? We will take you step-by-step with many different options to accommodate your individual needs.  Our clients and customers are our best assets....just ask for letters of recommendation and read our Facebook posts!

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